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About the Book

The stories of Iowans about their years in rural communities or on farms will capture both the imagination and the spirit of many in this and other agricultural states. Some are remembrances from times past. Others portray what the ever-changing rural scene has brought about in lives and careers. They speak of hard times as well as joys.

Stories were contributed by people who have lived across the state, in a variety of situations and outlooks. They are as varied as the number of people who wrote them, and they pass along a legacy worth remembering and on which a solid future can be built.


'The assembled stable of writers has produced a highly readable - and nostalgic - volume. Some will make you laugh; some may bring tears. Any one is worth the price of the book.' (From Neil Harl, Iowa State University)

'This is where I was raised - spent the first 17 years of my life before I hurried away to what I saw as greener pastures... Greener pastures? How foolish. There could be no greener pastures than those of this dark, fertile, Iowa land. There are easier pastures, more productive pastures, more amiable pastures, but certainly none that could be greener.'

'Raised the oldest son of a third generation Iowa farmer and his school teacher wife, I have always been proud of my small town, rural American upbringing. I was born in 1939 and thus lived through one of the greatest transitions in American agriculture.'

'Bub and I had already tried smoking earlier that summer. We'd tried to smoke ripe sour dock seeds rolled up in toilet paper. A truly awful experience! There had to be something better for us to use for an experimental smoke. A good cigar seemed right.'


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