Our number one choice for backing up data in PcMars is to a Flash Drive or Memory Stick.  This is a removable drive that plugs into a USB port on your computer.  These removable drives range in Meg’s and cost.  Even the least expensive one which was only 64M would hold approximately 75 sets of books.  IF you had one set of books per year, it would hold 75 years worth of books.


The first thing to do before backing up your data would be to insert the removable drive into a USB port.  To back up your PcMars data, you would click on the word “File” and then “Backup Set of Books”.


The following screen will appear.  In this example, I have selected the SAMPLE 2007 set of books to back up.  I have also selected the “Compressed (Zip) file” option.  IF you have inserted your “flash drive/memory stick” after you have opened the backup screen, you might need to click on the “Refresh” button for the program to recognize your flash drive.




Applies to Version 2.1 or greater

PcMars Farm Accounting Software