Whenever you finish a PcMars session and choose to “Exit PcMars”, the program asks if you want to back up your data.  We always strongly recommend you back up your data.  Once you answer “yes”, this screen will show up.



















All you have to do is highlight which set of books you want to have backed up (usually the one you were recently working in will already be highlighted) and make sure that you are backing up to the right drive. Below is an explanation for each back up option.  Our recommended option is to use the “Compressed (Zip) file” and backup to a “Memory Stock/Flash Drive”.


Drive A (A:\):  Not a recommended option.  This method will save your data to the floppy A:\ drive.  Most new computers do not have a floppy drive “A”.  IF you do have a floppy drive, make sure you only use these disks for PcMars backup.  Do not save any other data on these disks.


Backup for the consultant:  This will allow you to make a backup copy that your consultant could access without restoring the data on his computer.  This will also allow you to store more than one set of books on larger media storage such as Zips or CD’s, because it saves the data under the exact same path as on your hard drive.  The disadvantage to using this method is you need to understand data paths in order to restore your data


Other backup location:  This has the same advantage as “Backup for consultant” except you must choose or create your own path and directory.  This option allows the most flexibility to save your data.  However, it also requires the most computer skills!  ONLY USE THIS METHOD IF YOU ARE COMPLETELY COMFORTABLE WITH THE STRUCTURE OF DIRECTORIES.


Compressed (Zip) File:  This option is the recommended option for safely backing up your data and we suggest using a “Memory Stick/Flash Drive”.  This option allows you to “compress” your set of books and save it to a “Memory Stick/Flash Drive” or email them to your consultant/fieldman.  This eliminates the problems with disks, drives and CD’s not being compatible from one computer to the other.  Your consultant/fieldman can then restore them to his computer, make changes/edit and then email those books back to you within minutes.  (See “Backing Up to a Flash Drive/Memory Stick” for more information.)


Last Backup Location


Under OptionsMiscellaneous Options on the tool bar you can select to have your last back up location be the “default” location.  So if you always back up to the “Compressed (zip) File” option, that will always be selected as well as the location of where you are backing up that zipped file when you go to “Backup Set of Books”.  This method of a “default” back up and location is saved for EACH SET OF BOOKS.


Applies to Version 2.1 or greater

PcMars Farm Accounting Software