Recurring transactions are any transaction that repeats weekly, monthly, etc. to the same vendor, but not necessarily the same “amount”.  It can be anything from an automatic withdrawal to a paycheck deposit.


Once you have entered under “Setup” the type of “recurring” transaction, PcMars will remind you to make “recurring” transactions on the prescribed day.  These transactions can be selected by month or week.  In this example “month” and the 28th day have been chosen for three recurring transactions.


Applies to Version 2.1 or greater

PcMars Farm Accounting Software

When the 28th day of each month comes along, the above screen will pop up and ask if you choose to “add” the transactions that are scheduled for the 28th.  You have the choice at that time to click “yes”, “no” or “quit asking”.  IF you choose “yes”, the recurring transaction screen pertaining to that transaction will be displayed for you to enter more data such as the amount if it is not a specific amount every month.  IF you choose “no”, the program will prompt you again in about an hour (or the next time you open this set of books).  IF you choose “quit asking”, the program will not prompt you to enter this transaction again.