If your books are ever corrupted on your hard drive or your hard drive crashes, you will need to use the Restore command to take your back up files and transfer them to a new computer hard drive.  To do this, select File-Restore Set of Books.  One of the windows shown below will appear on your screen.


................ Restoring from A: drive                                                                        Restoring from “zip” file



Once you are sure this is the set of books you want to restore, click the OK button and restoration of your data will begin.  Remember—if you have replaced a hard drive, you must set up the new data path exactly as the path stored on the backup disk.





Test Backup Option:

The Test Backup Option will reinstall your backup data so you can verify the data is saved.  The program will automatically create a new set of books with a default name of “Test Back” and copy your backup data into this directory.  You will then need to open the “Test Back” books to verify your backup data is correct.  Regardless of which backup method you choose, the default directory will be “Test Back”.  This option again checks “errors” in backing up to a disc or CD in order to be sure you have a “good” backup of your data.


Applies to Version 2.1 or greater

PcMars Farm Accounting Software