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Too frequently we get phone calls saying “My computer crashed and I want to restore my data on my new computer.  What do I do”?

FIRST—It is extremely important to back your books up after every session.  It is even more important to make sure you have at least one, if not two full backups after your year is done.  PC Mars makes it very easy to backup your books.  There are two ways to back up your data.

·Under “File” choose “Back up set of Books”. This option allows you to back up a set of books without actually exiting the program, so you can chose to continue working or back up another set of books                 

·When you exit the program, the program automatically asks you if you want to back up. This option will back up your books and exit the program.




Text Box: JUST a few minutes backing up your data Can save HOURS  of FRUSTRATIONS

Testing Your Backup

SECOND—Make sure you have a good backup!!  PC Mars allows you to “TEST” your backup to make sure you have a good backup disc.  To do this go to “File” and then click on “Restore Set of Books”.  On the lower left side of this screen click the button that says “Test Backup”. 

This copies the backup data to a special set of books named "TestBack", under your program directory.  You can examine the data in this test directory to see if it is all OK. 

When you are satisfied that it is all correct, you can then restore your backups to your original set of books.  The “Test Back” set of books can be removed by clicking

on “Remove Set of Books” under File.  Just make sure the “Test Back” set of books is highlighted as the ones you want to remove.

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Unfortunately this happens to too many people and they usually lose their data they have entered since their last backup, or there data is corrupt.

We’ve all been through power failures—and they’re never any fun.  These days there’s little reason to risk such a loss.   However, your protection is only as good as your surge protection.

Here is a short overview of your options:

·Power strips: Most are usually just a glorified extension cord.  They won’t protect your computer from an electrical strike or power outage.

Electrical Failures

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