Text Box: Just a refresher on how you start a new year  set of books in PC Mars for Windows.
First—make sure that you have no books open by clicking on the icon picture that looks like a closed book.
Second—Click on the word File.
Third—When the submenu opens up, one of the options is Create New Set of Books.  If you click on those words with your mouse another submenu will show up off to the side with two options.
1. Start from scratch
2. Carry over from previous year
If you already had a set of books made up for 2003, you should select the option that reads Carry over from Previous Year.  This option will move all of your carry over from previous year (screen shot)Text Box: sure that this is what you want to do.  If everything is correct, you should click on the Yes button.  If for some reason you need to change something, clicking on the No button will back you up to the previous window so you can start over.  Once you click Yes, a new set of books is created for the 2004 year.

Text Box: Starting A New Year
Text Box: PcMars 
Text Box: Free  2.0.7  Patch Download Available
Text Box: Do you have the current version of PC Mars? 
With the release of PC Mars 2.0 we now have the ability to post free updates on our web site.  As a reminder—this is only available to PC Mars 2.0 users.  
To check your program, simply click “Help” (above your icons in your PC Mars program), then “About PC Mars”.  The most current version released is 2.0.7.  If Text Box: you don’t have this version, simply go to www.pcmars.com to download the most recent version.  Several features included in Version 2.0.7 are:
1) Option to automatically create a “ZIP” file for backup. (WOW—this will simplify emailing your DATA)
2)  Ability to print “Year End Detail Report/Tax Preparation” sorted by period, date, number, entry order, vendor or enterprise.
Text Box: 3) In CCC Loan vendor setup, the account code defaults to 221 for (Iowa & Illinois setup only).
4) In Accrual setups, any “Unassigned Inventory” line items are automatically added to all the inventory groups.  This contains all account code activity that is not specified and/or not tracked.
5) On the inventory entry screen—if negative units are entered, a negative value will not be calculated. Also a basis column was added to livestock input screen.
Text Box: January, 2004

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