Text Box: We recommend you back up your books  after every session.  It is even more important to make sure you have at least one (if not two) full backups after your year is done.  There are two ways to back up your data.
1) Under  File choose Back up set of Books. This option allows you to back up a set of books without actually exiting the program, so you can chose to continue working or back up another set of books
2)  When you exit the program, the program automatically asks you if you want to back up. This option will back up your books and exit the program.
Back Up Options
1) Drive A Option—This will back up all your files to the A drive.  When using this option ONLY USE THIS BACK UP Text Box: DISK FOR ONE set of PcMars books.  NEVER SAVE ANY OTHER DATA TO THIS DISK.  This is the “default” and simplest option.  
2) Back up for the consultant—This option will back up your data files under the exact directory that your original PcMars data is located on your hard drive.  This will allow your consultant/fieldman to access your data (without having to go through the restore process).
3)  Other back up location—In this option you need to specify the back up directory yourself.  ONLY CHOOSE THIS OPTION IF YOU UNDERSTAND FILE PATHS.  You may choose an existing directory or create a new directory.  Otherwise this option has the same features as “Back up for the Consultant”.
Text Box: 4) Compressed (Zip) file—This will compress all your data into one smaller file.  By compressing all your data into one file, you can save space and EASILY email your data by attaching this one file. The zip file name will default to your “books” name.
Tip—By using option 2,3 or 4;  you will be able to save more than one set of books or other data to a larger media such as a zip drive or CDRW.
Text Box: Make Sure To Back Up Your Books!!!
Text Box: PcMars Tips, Page 2
Text Box: January, 2005
Text Box: JUST a few minutes backing up your data
can save HOURS  of 
Text Box: Free download of  PcMars 2.0 
 Class Booklets and Check Order Forms available at:
Text Box: You can upgrade your Windows PcMars software anytime throughout the Year
HOWEVER, if you are a DOS user who plans to switch to Windows we 
suggest you update to Windows at the beginning of  your year.