Text Box: If you are wanting more from your PcMars, check out the PcMars Plus.  This  PcMars enhancement will add  inventory tracking, enterprise allocation, field production tracking, and livestock production data.
A simple explanation of the PcMars Plus enhancement is it allows you to automatically increase/decrease inventory items (ie: corn, beans, hogs) when entering your cash transactions.  Then you will be able to quickly assign your inventory a FMV and generate a net worth for any month.
Text Box: PcMars Plus Additional Report Features
· Enterprise Report Enhancements:  The PcMars Plus provides a simple tool to override “general” enterprise transactions to corn, beans, hogs, etc. and easily generate cash enterprise reports.
· Enterprise Analysis Report:  This report will show an accrued enterprise net by combining cash and inventory transactions.

Text Box: Additional Comments
· PcMars Plus is only for the PcMars 2.0 cash version and  tracks inventory for the net worth only.  Your tax reports are still cash basis.
· PcMars Plus is an enhancement to PcMars, so you can access all past PcMars data.  The additional features in PcMars Plus will simply be “grayed out” because they are not available in your prior PcMars data.  
•PcMars Plus can easily convert your data from PcMars to Text Box: Want More From PcMars?  
Text Box: PcMars Tips, Page 3
Text Box: January, 2005

PcMars Order Form

Send to:    Iowa Farm Business Accounting Inc                           OR                           Call 515-233-5802 to order with a Credit Card

                  226 SE 16th St.                                                                                                                            (Master Card or Visa)

                 Ames, Ia. 50010


                 PcMars Plus (Windows enhancement program)                                                                $350.00                    ___________

                 Update from any PcMars Windows Full version to PC Mars Windows Full 2.0     $80.00                      ___________

                 Update from any DOS version to PC Mars Windows Full 2.0                                       $120.00                    ___________

                 Update from any Lite version to PC Mars Windows Full 2.0                                        $120.00                    ___________


                 Sales Tax (applicable to Iowa Orders ONLY)                                                                                                     ___________

                                  (Tax rate for your location times amount of update—ie: $20 x .07% = $1.40)                                                           

                 Shipping                                                                                                                                                                          ___10.00____

                                                                                     Total Amount Enclosed                     ____________

                                                                                     (Please make checks payable to Iowa Farm Business Accounting, Inc)




City____________________________________ State___________ Zip Code_______________

PC Mars Serial Number_______________________________ (required)

Phone_____________________________ Email______________________________________

County where software is being shipped (Iowa orders only) _____________________________

Visit www.state.ia.us/tax for the sales tax rate for your location also visit www.pcmars.com for PC Mars “Tips”,  and handbooks.

PcMars Plus.

· PcMars Plus data is kept in the same folder as the original set of books information.  You will not have any trouble getting it to import or export as the data is “right there”.


Text Box: Use the PcMars order form below to upgrade to PcMars 2.0 or PcMars Plus


You need to have PcMars 2.0 installed BEFORE you can install PcMars Plus