The “Utility” function on your icon bar provides the ability to rebuild (or fix) database files that may have gotten corrupted.  This may have happened because of a power outage/surge or unforeseen operating system or database engine glitch.  You can rebuild the files if you get messages such as “Index out of date” or other error messages.  It will not hurt to run this procedure on good files because the data is backed up first and the program does not rebuild the files unless it detects an error in them.

The first screen you see when you select “Fix bad data files” is shown below.  Click on the green check mark to “Backup data and rebuild data files”.

After clicking on the green check mark, a screen similar to the one below will appear and ask you where you want to backup your data.  The program will first backup your data.  If you cancel the backup, the database files will not rebuild.  Our recommended suggestion is to backup your data using the “Compressed (Zip) File” option.  Clicking on the button indicated will bring up the next screen.  We suggest to “Save in” MY DOCUMENTS and click the Save button in lower right corner.