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Eight consultants from the Iowa Farm Business Association along with State Coordinator, Kent Vickre, attended the 32nd Annual Meeting and Conference of NAFBAS (National Association of Farm Business Analysis Specialists) at Wichita, Kansas on June 14-18, 2004.  The ten consultants attending were:  Tom Thaden and George Moriarty (Northwest FBA); Bob McEntee, Dean Phelps and Kent Ruppert (Mississippi Valley FBA); Virginia Berger (Central Iowa FBA); Bob McHugh, Bill Hunt and Daryl Kruse (Southwest IFBA) and Lyle Stewart (Cedar Valley FBA).  There were 100 specialists from eleven states attending the five day event.

Focus speakers included Donald Jonovic, Ph.D (Family Business Management Services from Ohio); Roger McEowen, Associate Professor & Extension Specialist (Kansas State University); and Michael Langemeier and Rodney Jones,Professors of Livestock Production (Kansas State University).

The keynote dinner speaker was Professor Barry Flinchbaugh, Ag Econ, Kansas State University.  A legislative update on Ag Issues was presented by Senator Sam Brownback.

NAFBAS is a yearly chance for consultants from around the United States to meet, listen to excellent speakers and visit about current issues impacting agriculture.  Iowa will be host to this national conference in 2006 in the Council Bluffs/Omaha area.

2004 Iowa Master Farmer Awards

Congratulations  to Jack and Dee  Kintzle for receiving this well deserved honor.

Jack and Dee have farmed for 37 years and lived on the present farm for 30 years.  They do all the work themselves except for part-time help at harvest.  Jack grew up on a diversified livestock farm 10 miles east of where he now farms. 

The Kintzles currently farm 1,400 acres of corn and soybeans near Coggon in eastern Iowa.  Their operation consists of some crop share, some cash rent and they own 520 acres.  Jack and Dee get a lot of work done with only two tractors.  One is 150 horsepower and the other is 110.  Jack says, “No-till farming has allowed us to lower our machinery cost and operating expense.  We have to control costs if we’re to compete successfully with other countries in a global market.”

Always quick to smile, his skill as a listener and speaker helped Jack rise through leadership ranks of the Iowa and the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA).  He became NCGA president in 1990.  Jack also served on a national crop insurance commission that came up with alternatives and solutions.  He is a board member of City State Bank, his local bank.

The Kintzles use the Iowa Farm Business Association recordkeeping system and computer spreadsheets to analyze cast rent, grain marketing and other financial decisions.  After receiving this award, Jack had  “In Memory of Duane Murken”  engraved on his plaque.  Duane was Jack’s  Iowa Farm Business Consultant until  his passing in 1999. 

















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Dvorak, Bill Secor, LaVon Griffieon, Bob Dunaway, LaVern Patterson, Lynn Benson. Just a few of the writers.

I have shared the story about LaVern Patterson to a few of you but I think it bears repeating.  LaVern is a close friend of mine.  We grew up together at Essex.  His parents and mine lived about a mile from each other east of Essex.  My Dad was Lavern’s 4-H leader.  LaVern was diagnosed with cancer almost two years ago.  As we moved ahead with this book I suggested to LaVern that he contribute a story to the Book.  He was excited about doing it.  I didn't get his article so I sent him a real nice reminder.  In March I got a call from his wife Karen asking if it was too late to write something.  I said of course not!  When she called LaVern was in the Red Oak Hospital.  They wrote the article and sent it to me.  Three weeks later LaVern died.  We will be paying tribute in the book to LaVern.  With that kind of dedication and courage he needs to be recognized.

As the "BOOK" is finished we will be having "book" signings throughout the state .  These book signings will be at locations where a writer/story teller lives.  Essex will be one location for sure.  We will get the places and dates to you as we get organized.  We will have books for sale at each of the locations!

I am sure you will be proud of the book.  It will be about 175 pages which include photos and sketches.  It will have a soft cover and be in three colors.  It will be attractive and one that you will feel good about displaying on your coffee table, end table or wherever.  The book has been a lot of work but the stories you will read make it all worth it. As many of the writers have said "I'm so glad I did this.  I needed to do it for my family’s legacy".  Plan on purchasing the “BOOK”!  Thank You.


August 31—September 2



The Iowa Farm Business Association applauds  the Kintzles dedication to Agriculture and recognizing  Duane’s  contribution to their farming operation.