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Again this year the Iowa Farm Business Association helped to sponsor the awards for the Iowa FFA Career Development Event.  This year there were 73 teams with 271 individuals participating in this annual event.

The first part of the Career Development Event consisted of 50 multiple choice questions on farm business management decisions, principles, practices and analysis of specific management topics.  Each question was worth two points.  The second part of the Career Development Event consisted of problems dealing with farm management.  The four problem solving sections were:  financial statement analysis, cash flow analysis, budgeting and investment analysis, and marketing.  The third part consisted of a team participation event over marketing.  Dr. Ron Deiter, Professor of Ag Economics at Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, was the Career Development Event coordinator and prepared the test.

The Iowa Farm Business Association would like to congratulate the first and second place teams.  The first place team was from Montezuma and consisted of—Aaron Devig, Ashley Meyer,

Hollie Imhoff, and Jessica McNaul.  Their instructor is Rick Senson.

The second place team was from Lone Tree and consisted of—Alex Petsel, Chad Yoder, Michael Hotz and Robert Sladek with instructor Reid Hockenson.



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