A new concept for the NOW generation of agriculture

The Iowa Farm Business Association has established a charitable foundation. Called the Farm Business Association Foundation, the basic idea is to develop new tools and programs for present and future generations of Ag producers and rural communities.

Things We Believe
We believe there is opportunity in agriculture. It will not necessarily be like it was a generation or even a decade ago, but with the right kind of tools and resources it can be an exciting and rewarding opportunity. These opportunities must be personally and economically satisfying to the individual and/or family involved.

The rural community is changing and will continue to do so. Not all communities will grow and prosper. We believe that where the leadership is inclined to be proactive and positive and the community is willing to reach out and work together they will be successful.

We believe that there are individuals and businesses in rural communities willing and able to contribute leadership and philanthropic efforts towards the success of agriculture and rural communities.

Your Input Needed!
As you think about what the Farm Business Association Foundation might offer you in products and services, visualize your needs

We really do believe there is opportunity in agriculture, so think “outside the box” for ways farm families can achieve economic and social success. Does the Foundation need to analyze and evaluate new technologies for you?

“Waiting” communities are not likely to grow and prosper. We need to be proactive to change. Do we need to bring “get the job done” leaders into your community to help make things happen? Things such as new value added entities, management clubs or groups, leasing cooperatives or community service centers?

The Farm Business Foundation plans to be a catalyst and mentor in helping individuals; families and communities explore and develop new opportunities. The funds in the Foundation will be available to help.

We need your input to guide us in the right direction. What can we do for you? How can we give you and the next generation of producers the tools that will put you and them on the cutting edge to not just survive, but to thrive? We want to hear from you with your ideas.

Our Mission Statement
The Farm Business Association Foundation’s mission is to enhance the economic and social well being of Iowa’s rural communities and their citizens, businesses and agricultural producers.

“We believe there is opportunity in agriculture. It may not be like we have seen in the past. But with the right kind of tools and resources, it can be even more exciting and rewarding.”

Our Goals

  • To enhance the business skills of Iowa’s farm families.

  •  To help rural citizens achieve their personal and family goals.

  •  To aid in the economic and social survival of the rural community

  • To be an educator and facilitator.

For more information or to give ideas and suggestions contact:
Farm Business Association Foundation
2515 University Blvd, Suite 107
Ames, Iowa 50010
Phone: 515-233-5802