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  *Will Taxes Kick Back?   (pdf format)
  Assoc News, November 2011   (pdf format)
  *Is your tax bill a moving target?   (pdf format)
  * Crop Insurance, Can I defer?   (pdf format)
  *Crop prices bring home the bacon   (pdf format)
  *Estate Planning: Build a strong foundation   (pdf fomat)
  *How to survive an IRS audit   (pdf format)
  2010 Analysis Summary   (pdf format)
  *Cash goes out before it comes in   (pdf format)
  *Reflect on your Farm & Yourself   (pdf format)
  Below are several Iowa State University (ISU) link of interest regarding
     the CSR rating, (these links where updated 12-19-2011).  Also there
     is a video that demonstrates  the instructions in C2-87 (below)
  ISU, "County Weighted Average Corn Suitability Rating

ISU, "Corn Suitability rating- An index to soil production"  (PM1168)
   ISU, "Computing Corn Suitability Rating for your Farm (C2-87)
            IFBA Video Instructions for Publication C2-87 (above)
  *Don't let the clock Strike 12, tax planning   (pdf format)
  *Budget Deal & Tax Relief   (pdf format)
  *Crop Prices, Per Acre Return   (pdf format)
  *Invest in the Farm or Retirement   (pdf format)
  *How Interest Rate Boost Land Prices   (pdf format)
  PcMars & IFBA December Newsletter     (pdf format) 
  *Employee vs  Contract Labor    (pdf format) 
  *Maximize After-Tax Income     (pdf format)
  IFBA Newsletter, November 2010   (pdf format)
  Federal  EFTPS Filing Instructions   (pdf format)
  *Who can Claim a DPAD?    (pdf format)
  *Can you inherit a Farm this year?   (pdf format)
  * Do land values match productivity?   (pdf format)
  * Reviewing tax law changes   (pdf format)
  * Young or old, get moving   (pdf format)
  2008 Analysis Summary   (pdf format)
  * New Years Financial Changes   (pdf format)
  *Make it Less Taxing   (pdf format)
  *Yields and cost both increasing   (pdf format)
  New Windows Analysis Sample Reports   (pdf format)
  2009 July Newsletter   (pdf format)
  *Early Retirement Planning   (pdf format)
  *Computer Backup Tips   (pdf format)
  2007 Analysis Summary   (pdf format)
  * Learn to Read the Financial Signals   (pdf  format)
  *Deferring  Crop Insurance   (pdf format)
  *Tax Liabilities, "Reality Bites"   (pdf format)
  **Uncertain Times = A TAX Plan   (pdf format)
  *Taxes: Beyond the Here & Now   (pdf format)
  *Locking Up Input Cost   (pdf format)
  *Planning for a Change   (pdf format)
  * Entity Choices 101   (pdf format)
  *Fringe Benefits, Attract Employees   (pdf format)
  Iowa Farm Business Assoc News, May 08   (pdf format)
  2006 Analysis Summary   (pdf format)
*Avenues for Succession Success (pdf format)
  *Risk Raises records Requirement   (pdf format)
  *Get Into the Fast Lane   (pdf format)
  *Silver Clouds & Dark Linings   (pdf format)
  Newsletter, November   (pdf format)
  2006  Winning the Game Averages   (pdf format)
  * Productions Activity Credit   (pdf format)
  * Early Tax Planning   (pdf format)
  * Productions Costs   (pdf format)
  * Alternative Min. Tax   (pdf format)
  * Retirement Planning   (pdf format)
  * Health Insurance Options   (pdf format)
  * Income Averaging   (pdf format)
  *Taxable Income   (pdf format)
  2005 Analysis Summary   (pdf format)
  November  Newsletter   (pdf format)
  October Newsletter   (pdf format)
  2004 Analysis Summary   (pdf format)
  November ,Newsletter   (pdf format)
  July , Newsletter   (pdf format)
  2003 Analysis Summary   Not Available
  Not Available   November 2003
  Not Available   September 2002
  Not Available   January 2001
  Not Available   August 2000

 *articles reprinted from Growing Point Magazine
**reprinted from Wallaces Farmer