PcMars Farm Accounting Software

PcMars PLUS 2.5 Patch  Information

Version 2.5.6

1.  Updated program to optimize PcMars performance with current version of  WIndows operating system.


Version 2.5.5

1. Fixed rounding issue when the account payable partial pay feature was being used mulitple times on the same entry, resulting in "invalid characters" message.  This ONLY affects users that have the Accounts Payable module installed.

Version 2.5.4

1.  Capital Purchase Wizard has been modified to accommodate the new tax rules for traded assets. The Capital Purchase Wizard now has the Help button,  F1 Help was updated and a calculate loan balance function was added.

2.  Modified W2 Summary Report to correctly report the Soc. Sec. Base wages when a date range is entered (instead of year). The correct phase-out limit is applied to the date range. A starting year for which the phase-out limit is applied is entered by the user.

3.  Disallow editing of payroll (by the use of the setup button) while a paycheck is being entered.

4.  Fixed bank import issue with imported dollar amount that have commas for thousand separators. Also fixed an unseen issue that might arise with negative amounts formatted as enclosed in parenthesis.


Version 2.5.3

1.  Fixed an issue with the SUTA and FUTA Report, where the report heading was incorrect when an ending quarter was selected rather than ending month.

2.  Fixed an issue where Pc Mars would stop working if a Bank Account was entered in the Vendor List, with default account code entered for that vendor.

3.  Added the full enterprise name to the enterprise sub-totals (in addition to the 3 letter enterprise code) on all of the detailed reports that have the option to show enterprise sub-totals.

4.  Increased the font size of the “memo” on printed checks for the “Pc Mars style” of checks (same as it now is for the “Alternate” style). 

5.  Added an option to print a Summary Total of all employees on the W2 Summary Report.

6.  The column width showing the Set of Books name was increased on the “Open Set of Books” screen.  This is the basic screen with the “Enhanced” option disabled.

7.  Fixed an issue with Bank and Credit Account Import when no column headings are supplied in the CSV import file.  In that case a zero can be entered as the “Column Heading Line Number” and then entry of column numbers instead of column text in the matchup column specification.

8.  Added an advanced (right click) option to Bank and Credit Account Import, where the auto-numbering of transactions can be disabled when blank transaction numbers are encountered in the input file.

9.  Added an option where the creditor will default to the last one used, when subsequent credit transaction are entered.  

10.   Increased the space on the Check and Deposit entry screens for display of the bank account name.



Version 2.5.2 

1.Added the ability to specify an enterprise filter in the Daily Liability Report. 

2.  Change the reporting on the SUTA attachment. It was reporting cumulative totals rather than ending month or quarter totals as it should

3.  Added right click option to Assets and Liabilities to mark the item for removal when carrying over to the new year.  When it is marked “R”, ending values are cleared out, numbers can’t be entered into ending inventory and the item is NOT carried over to the new year.

4.  Improved the Bank and Credit download.  The “Credit equal” or “Debit equal” matching text inputs now accepts multiple text matches if separated by commas. 

5.  Improved the Bank and Credit download.  If negative amounts are detected for a transaction, a warning message is given to the user with options to continue or cancel.

6.  Updated the Bank and Credit setup screen.  Now the "Positive = Inc ..." and “Negative = Inc …” buttons on the Bank and Credit Account Import Setup screen are disabled if “Credit/Debit indicator in separate column” box is checked.

7.  Improved the Bank and Credit download setup.   Now when “Setup complete for this account” is checked in then Bank and Creditor Account Import Setup screen, setup items cannot edited (an information message to that effect is displayed if user tries to change anything).  When “Setup complete …” is unchecked, setup items can be changed.  If any setup changes are made, the program will require you to import a new posting file. (A warning message is displayed to that affect). 

8.  Updated the program, now the Bank and Credit Import setup will be carried over to the new set of books.

9.  A right click option was added in the Bank and Credit Import holding pen screen to enable or disable the prior year from duplication testing.

10. Added an option to ignore beginning and ending spaces in the imported columns in the Bank and Credit Download Setup.  This fixes a rare issue with some Bank/Credit import files.

11. Fixed an issue with Bank and Credit Download where an “I/O Error 32” message was received when opening a CSV file for download when it is also opened in a spreadsheet program.  Now the program handles it more gracefully and a more user friendly message is given to the user.

12. Fixed a two decimal rounding issue with salaried employees.

13. Show Accounts Payable version number on the “About” screen.

14. Made Changes on the reconcile screen.  The bank selection drop down background color was gray rather than white as it should be.

15. Updated the reconcile screen to easier reconcile with past year older versions (2.2.8 & prior)

16. The program now checks the version of prior year data, and will convert the prior year data to latest version when carrying a set of books over to a new year.

17. Simplified accrual books carry over.  Now when carrying over an Accrual Sets of Books, the program will now only ask once to update ending inventory from transaction data.  (This will now apply to both previous and New Year’s sets of books.)

18. Updated the Net Worth carry over to automatically check for  previously  carried over Asset and Liabilities with missing inventory numbers or zero entries (after descriptions had been changed in new set  of books).

19. Updated the F5 calculator, now this feature is available on “Total Amount" Field also.



Version 2.5.1 

1..Fixed the ability to clear out Phone number in Vendor list without getting an error. Also fixed the same issue with Phone # and SSN # for employees and Federal ID number in Payroll General Info (both regular and advanced Payroll).

2.  Fixed the issue with batch check printing where user could delete bank/credit account selection and then nothing prints. Made the combo so it couldn’t be blank out.√

3.  Invoice number on next line item defaults to the previous line item on Accounts Payable and on all transactions.

4.   Multiple items can be chosen for selection in Bank and Loan Import holding pen, by holding the shift key down and then clicking on the beginning and ending item you want selected.

5.  Fix the issue of getting “Invalid Character. Field: Amount” error messages when bringing up transactions due to numbers with more than 2 dec. points.

6.. Revised warning messages the user gets during a Multiple Restore operation when overwriting existings set(s) of books.  Fixed “Range check error” on Multiple Restore.

7..Fixed the issue in Bank/Loan Statement download where a “$” attached to amounts was not being accepted.

8.  Added filters for “skipped” and “posted” items on the Bank and Credit Import Holding Pen screen.  Added the ability to print out contents of the Holding Pen.

9.  Fixed an issue where an error was received after removing a set of books and then carrying over again.

10.   FinPack Customization – Code 810 defined and activated for new sets of books.  All item code zero items deactivated for new sets of books.  Clarified activation error message.  Fixed FinPack version in export text.  

11.  Changed the spelling of inventory number heading (“Inven #) on Capital Purchase Wizard to be consistent with transactions screens (Plus only)




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