PcMars Accounts Receivable
 Farm Accounting Software

Account Receivable 2.1 Patch  Information


1.     Fixed an issue where, in certain circumstances, an "Interfaced" set of AR records was changing (in error) to "Stand Alone" when opened.

2.     For Accounts Receivable programs that interface with Pc Mars, the program will now post accounts receivable to Pc Mars to bank period zero for all items, eliminating some confusion users were having.

3.     The date for new accounts receivable will default to the current date for the first one entered, and then for subsequent ones will default to the last entered date.  This will make it consistent with Pc Mars which does it this way.  This also applies to the date entered on the "Receive $$ on Accounts Receivable" screen.

4.     An option was added under "Default Values & Controls", to allow tabbing to the "Find Inv#" function on "Receive $$ on Accounts Receivable".  Previously the user had to click on the "Find Inv#" button.

5.     Added some helpful right click mouse menu options.

6.     An enhanced open/view type of screen is now available for backups, just like Pc Mars.  This enhanced backup screen is available when "Enhanced Open/View Set of AR Records" option is selected under Miscellaneous Options.



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